Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Texas Tidbits : Arlington

Home of Champions
Texas is chock full of cities that as little as forty years ago were big towns on the verge of becoming major cities - Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin and Arlington. Arlington? That sleepy little town that in the 1950's had just 8000 residents? That Arlington? Yup. That Arlington. That Arlington is now home to over 365,000 people and some of the most famous entertainment venues in the world - the new $1.2 billion sports palace that is Cowboys Stadium, the beautiful Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, Six Flags Over Texas (extra credit if you can those six flags) and more. There is also the University of Texas at Arlington in the city. Go Mavs! The Official City of Arlington web site sums up nicely the history of tis little big city halfway between Dallas and Fort Worth : "Arlington’s history is complex, its identity evolving over more than 150 years. It has been a frontier outpost, an agricultural center, a site of Indian battles and a mecca for horse racing and gambling." Include on that list auto manufacturer. Government General Motors has a large assembly plant in Arlington (which was named for Arlington, VA, the hometown of Robert E. Lee). The history of the Big A (I just made that part up...Big A...hahahahaha) is really pretty cool, so you might give it a read. Oh! I can not end this post about Arlington without mentioning one of the most important figures in the annals of the city - Judge Tom Vandergriff, who was instrumental in bringing both Six Flags and Major League Baseball to Arlington. I'll do a separate post on the Judge one day. He's a great man responsible for much of the growth and prosperity we see in Arlington today. The only thing half-way about Arlington is its central location in the Metroplex, for truly it is a Major League city.


  1. One thing we were all concerned with when this stadium was being built, was if high school teams would be allowed to play here or if it would be too expensive.
    After all, 704 high school football games were played at Texas Stadium in Irving, compared with only 313 Cowboys games.
    But the Cowboys and the new stadium came through and not only allow it, but kept the price at the same level or slightly higher than it was before the move.
    The final high school game at the old stadium was the 3A State Championship, the 555th high school playoff game played there.

  2. One of my sisters works as a vendor at the new stadium. She said it's incredible! One more minor thing...SHE GETS TO WORK THE SUPER BOWL!!!

  3. Well Bless Her Heart.
    I'm thinking I might need to get out of town for the week of the Super Bowl.
    I'm a fan of football, not Hollywood, so that leaves the NFL out.
    I've been by the new stadium many times and it truly is an architectural and engineering masterpiece. They will be holding most of the high school state championships there this year and I will definitely make it to one or more.

  4. Man, I am tellin' you she just walks into stuff like this all the time.

  5. Ruh-Roh!
    Sounds like the basis for a sibling rivalry post.


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