Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Texas Tidbits: Toby the Son Done Good

The Son That Done Good
A few weeks ago, I wrote about my 28 year-old son, Toby, moving to Colorado to be with his true love, Faith. Everything is working out well for them and I couldn't be prouder or happier. Or maybe I could. When Toby moved there to be with Faith, he also moved into Instant Fatherhood. You see, Faith has three children. To my knowledge not a lot of young men would be willing to assume that much responsibility all at once. From this I deduce two very important things: 1) My son is a helluva young man and 2) Faith is a helluva young woman. The reason Toby is a helluva young man is fairly obvious considering the huge responsibility he has undertaken. Faith must be a helluva young woman because my son is taking on all that new responsibility to spend his life with her. A lot, if not most, 28 year old men would look at a girl with three kids and haul ass in the opposite direction. It takes a special young lady for a young man to want to take on a ready made family. Like my Dad told me long ago, Toby, you just put on the pants of a man. I have communicated with Faith by email and I can just feel the goodness of her soul. I am extremely happy that Faith is a part of my extended family.

As Toby's Dad, I get a bonus out of this whole deal. I get three new Grand Kids!! Even though the kids (read: grand babies) will be in Colorado and I'll be in Maine, I plan on being as big a part of their lives as humanly possible. They are a wonderful gift and needless to say, a welcome and precious part of my new extended family. I was talking with a friend of mine earlier this morning about how cool it is when my little girls call me "Daddy". I think that hearing the new Grand Kids calling me "Grandpa" will definitely be a heart-melter. I am stoked.

The old saying is proven to be true yet again - the Lord works in mysterious ways. And His mysterious way in this case is the blessing of bringing Faith and the children into our lives. You know, a guy could get real used to this mysterious ways thing. :) Toby the Son and the Lord done good.

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