Saturday, July 31, 2010

Three States Plus One Plus a Few More (Plus Some Overseas Places, Too)

Sexy Russian Spy Lady
This blog first published on June 14, 2010 with this Award-Winning ( Mom gave me a Dinky Button because she liked it) post about Outlaw Sam Bass . Over the last six weeks you've been incredibly supportive of a wet-behind-the-ears Middle Aged First Time blogger. And I thank you for that. I am honestly humbled by your generosity, but not so impressed that you don't have something better to do than read this drivel  well-researched documentary information. I say that with love in my heart. On to the point : you'll notice on the home page a widget for "Flag Counter". As you can tell, it shows where my readers are located by country. So far, I am a major disappointment  big hit in the USA, Canada, France, Great Britain, Taiwan, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and I am HUGE in Russia and the Ruskies haven't sent me a single sexy Russian spy lady NOT ONE!! in return. WTF, comrades? I am, today, gonna share some Super Duper Secret Inside Blogger Information with you. If the Russians won't send the Sexy Russian Lady Spies to me, I'll share with you for free. Take that you Commie bastards! This link will give you a breakdown of  which state/country my readers are in and how many of them there are. These 259 unique visitors have viewed Three States Plus One over 1300 times in just six weeks. I thank you and am forever in your debt...unless the Russians send over some Sexy Female Spy Ladies. Then all bets are off. :)


Quick note : When you click the link above, be sure to expand each listing on Flag Counter by clicking on the "+". Doing that will give you a little more detail on who's where.

UPDATE : My wife says if I have anything to do with any Russian Spy Women, sexy or not, she will cut off my "caviar", if you know what I mean and I think you do.

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