Saturday, July 17, 2010

Colorado Chronicles : Indian Peaks

See that lake in the photo? That's Brainard Lake in the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area on the Continental Divide. They call it Indian Peaks because most of the major mountain tops are named for, you got it, Indians! Brainard is one of six lakes that stair-step up the side of the mountain as you enter the area from the trail head. I have fished them all numerous times and I must say, the trout population was severely impacted. :) When I went Indian Peaks, I entered at the trail head and then immediately listened for the sound of running water. That would be the creek that winds up/down the mountain side and acts as a connection to all six lakes and a "private" trail away from other hikers on the main trail. I came to fish, not look at someone's ass for several miles of trail walking uphill. Eventually you'll pass the last lake and reach timber line on the mountain. Even in summer time, there's a permafrost on the north side of the hill that slooooooowwwly drips like a leaky kitchen faucet, and before you know it, you have a creek, then lakes meandering down the mountain. One of the cool things I encountered was a HUGE field of boulders (at about 10,000 feet) almost as big as a small house. Remember the drip I wrote about a couple sentences ago? That drip carves a rut in the mountainside, forming a small stream and disappears under this big-ass boulder field! As the creek gets bigger, still under the boulders, you can hear it rushing by as it makes its way downhill. It's really cool! The view another 1000 feet up is clear and stunning. As you look east, I swear you can see Kansas from up there. Indian Peaks is just of the historic Peak to Peak Scenic Byway. Hell, the day trip on the Peak to Peak is another story in and of itself...absolutely beautiful.

Maine Minutiae : Maine History 1775-1820

As I was browsing the web looking for material for this post, I came across a site dealing with various periods of Maine's history. This caught my eye. It caught my eye because of the similarity of what was happening in the late 18th century and early 19th century with what our country is experiencing today. Namely, federal/British government intrusion into states' and individuals' rights. It's a rather lengthy read, so grab a cup of coffee, settle in and read the entire article and you'll see what I mean. Here is an excerpt :"After the long struggle with France and its Indian allies ended in 1763, British national debt stood at an all-time high, and its empire now included Canada, parts of the Caribbean, Florida, and a vast territory west of the Appalachians. Faced with these burdens, Britain launched a broad program of imperial reorganization, expecting the American colonies to contribute to the cost of maintaining their own defense." Another one : "The question of separation first arose during the Revolution. When Massachusetts appeared unable or unwilling to protect the eastern frontier from British occupation, towns petitioned for aid, pointing out that all governments existed to secure life, liberty, and property, and if Massachusetts failed to achieve this, eastern Maine was within its rights to secede." Regarding the second excerpt, think illegal immigration, Texas and Arizona. At least TX and AZ have the balls to do something,while Washington, D.C. has its collective thumb up its ass playing popsicle. That's my opinion. Share yours in the comment section 'cause we'd love to hear it.

Texas Tidbits : Texas Business of the Week : Linda Kay Lens Photography

I have known Linda Hudson Miller for over 40 years. Like so many of us, after we graduated from High School, we went off to seek fame and fortune in our own directions. I must say that Linda has truly found her path in life with her chosen profession. She is an entrepreneur and the owner of Linda Kay Lens Photography. Go to Linda's website and look at some of the amazing work she has done. She makes the camera an extension of her own eye to get some incredible images. Contact Linda through her Facebook page. She'll give you low down on all the services she provides, prices, etc, plus she has posted some links to articles that can help you in your own pursuit of photographic excellence.

Disclaimer; Linda, nor her company, are compensating me in any way, shape or form for posting this piece.  I did this post because I went to her site and saw a snapshot (pun intended) of the fantastic work she does. On top of that, I wanted to highlight some local (for that area) businesses for a job well done.

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