Sunday, September 26, 2010

Say It Again Sunday!

Fall has finally arrived in New England, so much so, it actually feels like football weather. It's 12:39PM as I type this post and the current temperature is 52 degrees. It's a perfect day to post a Say It Again Sunday! I went through the Three States Plus One trash can archives and found three posts that were laughed at mercilessly by inmates at the State Prison  well-received by you, the reader. Keep the Alka Seltzer close by, just in case, and read on.
If you enjoy knowing that some other poor schmuck is a bigger schmuck than you, click on over to my other blog Dumbass News. No matter how much your day has sucked, there's always a bigger dumbass than you, and Dumbass News is guaranteed to prove it to you.

Enjoy the last Sunday of September and we'll see you later! Adios, y'all!


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