Friday, June 18, 2010

Plus One : Virginia

    I was "chatting" with a Facebook friend, Susan S., the other day when she reminded me of just how much history the Commonwealth of Virginia lays claim to. I had forgotten, I am ashamed to say, until looking up info for this post, just how much history has taken place there and the number and magnitude of the names we sometimes take for granted. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, 5 Associate Justices and 1 Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court.  Not to mention World Class athletes like Moses Malone, Arthur Ashe and a litany of others. Let's not forget legendary Military leaders like Robert E. Lee or the first permanent English settlement at Jamestown in 1607, fully 13 years prior to the Pilgrims landing in Massachusetts and VA's status as one of the Original 13 States. What about the hallowed grounds of Arlington National Cemetary?  I could go on, and will in a future post about this remarkable place we call Virginia.

 (hat tip : Susan S. on Facebook)

Colorado Chronicles : Longs Peak

   In the mid 90's when I lived south of Beaver Creek (Rollinsville), this was my view at sunset every night : 14,255 ft. Longs Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park about 40 miles away. The flat top of Longs Peak sticks out like a sore thumb as it towers over the Rockies. The peak is one of 54 "Fourteeners" ( mountains of at least 14,000 ft elevation) in Colorado. I have a long-time friend in Irving, Texas who's an avid hiker and climber. I'm looking at you, Vince Heimann ! Make plans now, amigo. Longs Peak in all its sky-scraping glory beckons.

Maine Minutiae : 50 Fast Facts About Maine

   Last night you had BBQ for supper and, without fail, a sliver of brisket becomes wedged in your teeth. What to do? Jackhammer? Nope. to the rescue toothpick ! On top of that, that toothpick that saves the day (and your sanity) was  probably made in Maine. Over 90% of the toothpicks in the USA come from Maine. Makes me proud to live here.   That fact and 49 of its closest friends await you in Maine Minutiae! You'll be amazed! You'll be astonished! But mostly, you'll ask yourself, "why did I click this link?!". Enjoy.

Texas Tidbits : Pedernales Falls State Park

   I am a Texan. I love all that is Texas - all 267,000 square miles of, as John Wayne said, "The damnedest lady you ever saw". Having said that, over time you'll notice through my posts that I am particularly fond of the Hill Country and East Texas. Why? Two words : Trees. Water. Today, it's the Hill Country.
   Texas offers unlimited vacation destinations and choosing just one is often quite a chore. On the other hand, with so many places to choose from, it's extremely hard to go wrong. Case in point, Pedernales Falls State Park. Trust me on this. You'll want to take 3 1/2 minutes to view this video. Score one for "the damnedest lady you ever saw".

UPDATE : If you haven't done so yet, get your FREE Texas Travel Guide here. I have been getting them since 1990. They're outstanding. And FREE.

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