Saturday, August 7, 2010

Three States Plus One Poll Question

Are you ready for some football?

Yesterday, I had a request from a friend of mine, Kim, to do a one-time post about how BIG High School Football is in Texas. That set me to thinking, why not do a weekly feature on HS Football for all Three Plus One states? Or maybe just for Texas? Or Texas plus any/all states you would like to know about? For Texans who are living in away from home, like me, it might be a good way to keep up our alma maters (Nimitz High School - Irving, Texas - Class of  '75 - Go Vikings!). Personally, I think it's a great idea, but I write this blog for you, so it will depend on what you think as to what I do. In the right sidebar (next to this post in blue text), you'll see a poll question with several choices. Look 'em over and vote! The poll closes Monday morning at 10AM, EDT. Your participation is encouraged and appreciated. If you have any further suggestions or ideas, please leave them in the comments. Are you ready for some football? Or not?

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