Saturday, July 10, 2010

Colorado Chronicles : A Timeline of Colorado History

There's some pretty neat stuff in this timeline of Colorado history dating back to 1500.

Maine Minutiae : Maine at Mid 20th Century

Here's an interesting look at Maine from 1920-1945.

Note : Life Takes Over

Life has taken over for the weekend, so today's posts will be simple re-directs to other blogs and sites. Simply click on the links provided and you'll find some real good stuff. Thanks for your patience. Have a great weekend!


Texas Tidbits : Ima Hogg

Ima Hogg. That name will live forever in Texas Lore. We've heard all the jokes about this fine lady, but we may not understand just what a Grande Dame Ms. Hogg was. Hillary Sarin at the Houston Chronicle has the story on the First Lady of Texas, Mineola's very own Ima Hogg.

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