Thursday, November 25, 2010

Five Year Old Cancer Patient Draws on Will to Live

I found the following story at one of my daily pit stops, The Blogmocracy. It's the story about a very brave little boy named Aidan. Aidan is just like any other five year old boy, full of energy, enthusiasm and creativity. The one thing that makes different from other boys his age is that Aidan has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. That's a pretty tough hand to be dealt to anybody, much less a five year old kid.

The Blogmocracy picks up the story there, "On September 13, 2010, 5-year-old Aidan was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). He was strong and pulled through his first round of chemo all while teasing his nurses and vistors. Although this was a small victory Aidan, unfortunately, must go through 2 to 3 more years of chemo treatments and everything that goes along with that."

This story caught my eye for two reasons. The obvious one is that it's about a five year old boy with a horrible disease. The second is that one of my new grandsons is named Aiden. I shiver at the thought of my Aiden having to deal with such a terrible illness at such a tender age. These two boys are at the age where they should be playing kickball or learning to ride shiny new bikes or even going fishin' with their Dads and Grandpas, not getting brutal chemo treatments for two or three years.

Aidan, the sick boy, is taking the bull by the horns when it comes to his illness. He's drawing pictures like the one at the top of this post, and selling them online to help offset his medical bills, which have to be astronomical. With so much spirit, it's no wonder that Aidan's prognosis looks promising. Promising outlook or not, those medical bills still have got to be paid, so here's a link to Aidan's website where you can purchase one of his drawings! I like the cut of this young man's gib.

Aidan also has a Facebook Page where you can drop him a line of encouragement, as well as a page on his website where you can learn some things about this remarkable young man and his family.

Thanks to savage at The Blogmocracy for posting this story on his site and allowing me to post it here. It's the time of year for giving, so if you are able to buy one of Aidan's drawings, by all means, please do. If not, there's a "donate" button on the home page of his website,where a donation of any size would be much appreciated, I'm sure.

Aidan, you have friend in Maine, my man. I'm here for anything I can do to help a young brotha out. Email me at threestatesplusone AT gmail DOT com anytime, buddy.

To my readers, I ask you to please pass this on to friends and family. Aidan is counting on us all to pitch in, in whatever we can. Thank you and God bless you. And God bless an amazing five year old boy named Aidan.

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