Monday, June 14, 2010

Texas Tidbits : Outlaw Sam Bass

Outlaws. Wild West. Texas. Hand meet glove. The bad guys, the times and and the state seemed to go together. One of the more recognizable names of that era is Sam Bass. Born in Indiana in 1851, Bass moved to Denton in 1871 after being raised by an abusive uncle. Then the "fun" began. Contrary to what many believe, Sam Bass was not some kind of murderous thug. He never shot anybody during his life of crime. Although on the wrong side of the law, he was a friendly, sandy-haired young man liked by the country folks, who just happened to be a thief by occupation. It's said that after robbing a Union Pacific train in Nebraska in 1878, he actually tipped the porters! Wikipedia continues. Outlaw Sam Bass. For a bad guy, he wasn't a bad guy.

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