Monday, March 28, 2011

Texas Tidbits: The Texas Sand Fest!

It's spring time in Texas and that means that there will be festivals of every stripe throughout the state over the next several months. One of the most popular activities will be heading to the beach at the local lake or somewhere along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. For those of you in or near Port Aransas, it's almost time for the Annual Texas Sand Fest.

2011 will be the 15th year of the Sand Fest and in that period of time, it has grown into the biggest sand sculpting event in the United States. You and over 100,000 other party-minded Texans will cruise the beach and check out some incredible works of art made from the sand on the beach. there will also be plenty of live music, free sand sculpting lessons for the younguns, amateur sand sculpting and then of course, the professionals will do stuff with sand that you woulkd never believe if you didn't see it for yourself. This year's Texas Sand Fest will take place April 15-17 in Port Aransas. For a complete schedule of events at the Sand Fest, click here.

Even if you were to make the drive from Dallas, Houston, Austin or San Antonio, it would be well worth the time and gas money invested. You'll love it, your spouse will love it and the kids will go nuts over it. Some photos of past Texas Sand Fests can be found here. Get a load of that and then tell me you wouldn't like to be there.

Here's the kind of guy I am. I'll even lay the the link to the Port Aransas Chamber of Commerce on ya. At that link you can get motel and hotel as well as resturant information so you can plan accordingly. It's just a couple of weeks away, so you'd better get on the ball and make those reservations today!
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