Sunday, December 12, 2010

Heather's Birthday!

You say it's your birthday....
Today is a special day in our home. It's my wife's 35th birthday! I have written on several occasions about what a great wife and mother Heather is. See here and here, for starters. Whatever I did to deserve such a wonderful woman, I don't know, but I want to do it some more because it worked out real good. Heather and I had a long distance relationship for about 18 months until one day I was on my way to Texas and God must have spoken to me, because out the blue I went to Denver and grabbed a Greyhound headed East Bound  and Down. I was on that damn bus for 3 days and had to lay over for 13 hours at the Boston Bus Station waiting for the next ride to Maine. I got here in Augusta May 13, 2006 and have never looked back. Easily, this was one of the best decisions I ever made. Thanks, Lord, there.

Heather's strength is what holds our family together. Besides being a mommy and wife, she is a nurse, a counselor, a mediator, a friend, a maid and chief cook and bottle washer amongst any number of other things that slip my mind at the moment. Best of all, she is ours. I know that if she were not in my life, I would be a lost soul. Simply by being there for me, she changed my life completely.

I know that until the Good Lord calls me home, I will get to spend every day with the woman I adore, if she can put up with me.  :)  Heather, thank you for filling the void in my life that I thought would stay with me forever. Thank you for believing in me when sometimes there ain't a helluva lot to believe in. Thank you for the gift of your unwavering love and support no matter the circumstance. Thank you for being my soft place to fall. Thank you for my two beautiful little girls. Thank you for you. I love you.

Happy birthday!

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