Sunday, August 22, 2010

What's Next? Watch Out Pulitzer!

Lucky Dumbass Dad
You are looking at a star in the making. The next Hemingway. Shakespeare and MAD magazine rolled in to one. A future Pulitzer Prize winner. OK, you're looking at a dumbass. But! A dumbass that just got accepted to write for one of the biggest web sites in the world! Now that you've regained consciousness and had a chance to digest that info and say "What? That moron?" Yes, this moron. Late last night I was looking for ways to maximize this blog's internet exposure and went to a web site called Technorati. I filled out a form and presto! They sampled my writing and sent me some stuff, I did what was needed and I start writing for them today or Monday. Technorati is a big deal, folks, but don't hold it against them that they'd hire a knucklehead like me. Technorati is big because they hire knuckleheads like me. Two words : Cheap labor. Besides I can't afford to pay them any more than we agreed to if they'd put me to work. I'll keep you informed as to what's going on as soon as I know what's going on. Well.....I am off to a baby shower for Heather's cousin and then to get some 8 by 10 glossies made. I'm sure I'll signing them by the millions ones for my adoring throngs Mom. Adios y'all!

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