Saturday, October 9, 2010

Country Music Month Review...So Far

As some of you may have read, my oldest little girl is not feeling too well and she needs her Daddy. So, here's the deal: We are nine days into our salute to Texans (and others) who have made Country Music what it is today. We have assembled thus far a collection of names that anyone would be hard pressed to argue with, and there's still more to come. Below, you'll find a list of the artists we have covered and just in case you missed out on them the first time around, here's another chance to see what we said about each one on the list. In addition to a short bio on each singer, I have embedded links to some of their greatest hits as well. It is truly a walk down Memory Lane. Grab a cold one and some popcorn, hop into The Country Music Time Machine and feel like you are twenty-five again with our review so far of Country Music Month.

By Invitation Only

If you've been away from your computer and missed the last couple of days, we've got some great stuff on Tanya Tucker and George Strait !

Have a great time looking back on yesteryear and two steppin' around the room! Oh, yeah, pull the shades down...the neighbors may not understand. On second thought, invite 'em to join in!

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