Monday, December 6, 2010

Maine Munitiae: Sugarloaf and Sunday River for Christmas

Da Slopes
I have a confession to make. Confession is good for the soul. So, I am gonna do my soul some good here. I lived on and off for 20 years in Colorado and have lived in Maine for almost five years and I have never been snow skiing. Never. Not. One. Single. Time. As a matter of fact, I have never even set foot on a ski resort. I kinda regret that I have never skied. It's too late now. My friend Arthur Itis won't cooperate with me because he has staked claim to my knees and he ain't leavin'. Bastard. Of course I could put a fake cast on my leg and go sit in the lodge at the ski resort and wait for the pretty, young ski bunnies to show me attention. If I did that, however, my wife would remove my gazebos with a ski pole and throw them into the snow making machine. Goodbye gazebos, hello alimony.

For those of you are interested in skiing in New England, Maine is the place to be. Sugarloaf and Sunday River are two of the best ski resorts east of the Mississippi.

Sugarloaf has a Christmas Vacation Package that starts at $109 per person per night that is a pretty good deal. It would be mo' bettah than good to spend Christmas with your and/or family high on top of Sugarloaf Mountain. If you've already made planes for Christmas, Sugarloaf has all kinds of holiday stuff  going on through December and on into the New Year.

Sunday River, as you would expect, also has a Christmas Week Package that range from $129 per person per night. The package includes perks like slopeside lodging, free lift tickets and skiing or snowboarding clinics. And like their counterparts over at Sugarloaf, Sunday River is loaded with holiday fun all the way into 2011.

Any way you look at it, either of these two outstanding ski resorts would be an incredible place to beat the Rat Race and enjoy the holidays with family and freinds, or maybe even a second honeymoon.

Disclaimer:  I DO NOT receive any compensation OF ANY KIND from Sugarloaf or Sunday River in exchange for featuring them on this blog. I DO NOT know anyone who has anything to do (work, manage, etc) at either resort. I have NEVER even been to or communicated with a representative of either establishment. 

Texas Tidbits: Twas the Night Before Christmas (Texas Style)

St. Nick Bob
I am going to post something that I was going to wait to post, but I decided to give it a go today and then post it again in a couple of weeks. It's a cute take off on Twas the Night Before Christmas, done Texas style. You may want to print this off to show to your co-workers, or better yet, point them here to read it and let them print it off for themselves. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you...

Twas the Night Before Christmas (Texas Style)

'Twas the night before Christmas, in Texas, you know.  
 Way out on the prairie, without any snow.  
 Asleep in their cabin, were Buddy and Sue,  
 A dreamin' of Christmas, like me and you.  
 Not stockings, but boots, at the foot of their bed,  
 For this was Texas, what more need be said,  
 When all of a sudden, from out of the still night,  
 There came such a ruckus, it gave me a fright.  
 And I saw 'cross the prairie, like a shot from a gun,  
 A loaded up buckboard, come on at a run,  
 The driver was "Geein" and "Hawin", with a will,  
 The horses (not reindeer) he drove with such skill.  
 "Come on there Buck, Poncho, & Prince, to the right,  
 There'll be plenty of travelin' for you all tonight."  
 The driver in Levi's and a shirt that was red,  
 Had a ten-gallon Stetson on top of his head.  
 As he stepped from the buckboard, he was really a sight,  
 With his beard and moustache, so curly and white.  
 As he burst in the cabin, the children awoke,  
 And were so astonished, that neither one spoke.  
 And he filled up their boots with such presents galore,  
 That neither could think of a single thing more.  
 When Buddy recovered the use of his jaws,  
 He asked in a whisper, "Are you really Santa Claus?"  
 "Am I the real Santa? Well, what do you think?"  
 And he smiled as he gave a mysterious wink.  
 Then he leaped in his buckboard, and called back in his drawl,  
 "To all the children in Texas, Merry Christmas, You-all" 
***Special thanks to Dezert Rose*** 

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