Thursday, August 12, 2010

Three States All-In-One (Best of)

The Way I Feel*
Well, it looks like life over for most of today and so did my new friend Arthur. You may know Arthur, his last name is Itis. Arthur Itis. We went grocery shopping today at Super Wal Mart and it took a while longer than I had anticipated. With my wife recently adopting a healthier lifestyle, it's very important to know what is in the food we buy. She read the labels on EVERY DAMN THING in the grocery department. It would have been faster to read War and Peace. I guess what I'm trying to say in a roundabout way is that I am tired and my buddy Arthur is killin' me.
I have picked out some popular posts from the past for your perusal.
For our newer readers, it'll give you a chance to catch up on what you've and for the Old Timers, maybe you can read something you missed the first time through. Thanks to you all for visiting and we'll see you manana. Adios, y'all.

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NOTICE : Late Posts Today

Posts will be late today a we have a full day of errands to run. Be sure to check out this popular post on World War II hero and fellow Texan, Chester W. Nimitz. This entry on legendary Native American Tomah Joseph also got a lot of attention. If you want to dig deep into the archives, used the "search box" in the top right part  of the home page, or scroll down to near the bottom of each page and click on the orange-colored "older posts" button. Until later today....adios, y'all!

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