Sunday, August 29, 2010

Teach a Man to Fish...

Outdoor Church
If Heaven ain't a lot like Caddo Lake, I don't wanna go (paraphrasing Hank Williams, Jr). Although I am half-a-world away from Caddo, here in Maine there's some good fishin', too, just a different type of fishin'. Back home in Texas, I'd be slayin' bass, crappie and catfish. Up  here, it's mostly trout, but there's some pretty good panfishin' and some excellent smallmouth bass opportunities, as well. I didn't get to go fishin' yesterday. I am, however, holding out hope for chance to decimate a local river,creek and/or lake today. Fish.Fear.Me. Point is, I am gonna take the day off . I'll be back Monday. I hope Sunday treats you all well. Stay safe.
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