Sunday, September 5, 2010

Second Chance Sunday

French Flag Flying  High*
Man, we have a nice breezy autumn-like day here in New England, so I think I'll take the day off from blogging. I will, however, put up some of the most-read posts from recent weeks, so break out your Sooper Sekrit Three States Plus One Decoder Beer Can and see if you can decipher the Sooper Top Sekrit Submit Now or Be Sent to France and Be Forced to Live Like a Sissy Boy or Hairy Woman Forever Message. Make sure you send any information you find to me only. We do not want the French to know what we are up to! Not that they'd notice or do something in retaliation if they did notice. Well. except raise their national flag - the white flag of surrender. But that's another story for another day. Let's get to this week's round up of stories that would make the Frogs tremble with fear.

At this time, I'd like to thank all you and the Good Lord His Own Self  for any role you may have had in steering Hurricane Earl away from Maine. It was the "perfect storm" of circumstances. Earl ended up making the right hand turn I was praying like hell hoping he would. We ended up getting a couple of inches of rain and in Eastport, where my Mother in Law lives, they got rain and bad ass winds which inflicted no major damage in the area. I am happy about that. I am plain old ecstatic that she did not have to evacuate and come stay with us. Just another example of the Power of Prayer. And damn good luck. I'd rather be lucky than good any day, any where and any time. :)

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