Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Texas Tidbits: Groundhog Day, Schmoundhog Day - In Texas It's Armadillo Day!

Old Guy, Gary P. Nunn and Bee Cave Bob***
After a day of fun, froth and frivolity celebrating Bailey"s 4th birthday, we can now focus on something more suited for adult conversation, Groundhog Day! Or in the case of talking about Texas, Armadillo Day!

In the true Spirit of Texas, a group called the Benevolent Knights of the Raccoon of Bee Cave, Texas, have their own tradition when it comes to predicting the end of winter/beginning of spring with a typical Texas twist. For brevity's sake, I'll call the Knights the BKR. The BKR depend on an armadillo named Bee Cave Bob. Bee Cave Bob beats the dog snot out of that damn Yankee groundhog named Phil when it comes to Spring Predicting. The BKR have a saying, “… in defiance of relying on the predictions of a groundhog in Pennsylvania, a foreign land have no relevance to Texas or Texans.” Ain't that beautiful? (NOTE; the armadillo is the state mammal of Texas-ed.) No less an authority than the Lone Star Meteorological Society has determined that Bee Cave Bob has been right an astounding 98.6% of the time. take that, Punxsutawney Phil! Bee Cave Bob does his weather predicting the same way Phil does - if he sees his shadow there will be six more weeks of winter. No shadow, early spring.

At 11:30 this morning in Bee Cave, chili will be served, the Armadillo Anthem will be played soon to be followed the Bee Cave Bob's weather prognostication at 12:30pm at the West Pole at the 98th Meridian in Bee Cave, Texas. It sounds like the Benevolent Order of the Raccoon are throw a shindig the way only Texans can.

For all you folks living in the Hill Country of Texas, this sounds like a great way to blow off work for the day and go have some chili and some fun. You can get more info on the goings on with Bee Cave Bob, give 'em a call at (512) 263-5286. Below you'll find a map of the area that may make getting to Bee Cave a little easier.

And, one more thing. God Bless Texas! And God Bless Bee Cave Bob. Kinda brings a tear to your eye, doesn't it?

***Photo from the Austin American Statesman Archives***

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