Monday, February 14, 2011

A Quick Valentine's Note

I have a Dr's appointment this morning, so I wanted to tell you a couple of things before I leave the house. First things first. Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you have a sweetie that jut melts your butter and that you get to do something special today with him or her. I am lucky enough to have three sweetie pies in my house, Heather, Isabella and Bailey. i am three times lucky! Wednesday is Heather's and my 3rd Wedding Anniversary, so she and I will do something together then. However, today, after school, we'll do something with Issy and Bailey so their Valentine's Day will be special. Maybe the girls and I can make blueberry muffins later. :)

I'll  post some more stuff on Texas History as soon as I can after I get back from the Dr's office and run a couple of errands. Until then, feel free to browse the site archives for something cool to read. There's plenty of good stuff there for everybody to find something they like.

I'll see y'all later today! have a great start to nthe work week and Happy Valentine's Day!


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