Sunday, December 26, 2010


Snowed In
We just got back from an overnight trip to my wife's hometown of Eastport where we visited with her family. We had a wonderful time and made out like bandits with lots of loot, including a new fishin' pole to me from my father-in-law.  :) We had plenty to eat while we were there also - chicken wings, bacon-wrapped scallops, stuffed shrimp and three kinds of pies. I am still full. It was nice to go back to Eastport because I think we will be moving there in the next few months.

We had planned to only stay last night and maybe all day today, but then this came up. This is not your basic get a foot or two of snow nor'easters, it is a full blown blizzard. Here is the technical definition of a blizzard. We are stocked up at home with plenty to eat and an ample supply of bottled water, so I think we are prepared. The only thing I am concerned about is losing power because we are at 17 degrees at 1:15 PM EST. We would definitely miss the heat if power went out. But we have each other, so it's all good. I'll try to live blog the blizzard as it happens. If you'd like to keep on top of it with me, keep an eye on the blog or Facebook or better yet, subscribe to the blog and updates will be emailed to you automatically. The sing up is in the right side bar.

If you'd prefer to watch things develop on Augusta RADAR, you can do so on, or Those are the three best weather websites on the internet. The info you would need to see what is happening where I live is: Augusta, Maine and the zip code is 04330. That will get you to the nitty gritty of the weather situation as it unfolds.

If I am able, I will update as I can with weather info and photos. For those of you who have never experienced a blizzard, it's quite a sight to behold. So,check back when you can and experience what's happening as it takes place here in Maine.

UPDATE: The snow just started falling at 6:37 PM, EST. The blizzard has begun!    

UPDATE 2: 8:22PM EST - The heavier snow moved in about 30 minutes ago. The wind is blowing pretty good now, too. I'll have another update when something good happens.

UPDATE 9:36PM, EST Since my last update about an hour ago, we have received about an inch more of snow. I am headed outside to take some more photos and will post them in a few minutes.

UPDATE: 9:52PM, EST - I took this shot while standing on my front porch. I am looking across the street at another building in our complex. If you look just to the left of dead center of the photo, you'll see a porch light about 100 yards away. I zoomed in to get a good look at it. Let's see if it's visible in another hour or so.

UPDATE 10:54 PM, EST - We've picked up another two inches of snow in the last hour, with about another 8 or 10 inches due overnight and still more for tomorrow. This will be my last update for the night. I should have some good photos for you tomorrow. Until then, Adios.


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