Thursday, April 7, 2011

Texas Tidbits: Going Home to the Sacred Soil of Texas

Little Girl Talking to God
As you may have read on TexNetMaine, last night, Heather, my two daughters and I are gonna be on the move in the near future. We are moving my Blogging Empire World HQ from Maine to Texas. I am going home and Heather has visited Texas before, but this will be a new and exciting adventure for the girls. I have told them many stories about where I grew up and some of the shenanigans that I pulled as a little boy and as a grown man.

I am going to educate them about their new home and what it means to be a Texan. I am going to tell them all about the Alamo and how one battle, even a losing one, in a larger war can inspire people to do extraordinary things for their Freedom, Liberty and God-given right to self-governance. I will show them how the courage and the defiance to tyranny shown by the Heroes at the Alamo still permeates the hearts of tens of millions of Texans worldwide. They will be taught the self-reliance that has been a part of the character of Texas and Texans for hundreds of years. They will be reminded almost daily of their sacred duty and honor to help a fellow Texan who may be down on his luck due to no fault of his own, and to ask for nor expect a single favor or reward in return.

Isabella and Bailey will be taught to be good stewards of the land and the creatures who inhabit it. Learning to fish will be one of the most important lessons of their lives. Fishing will be reinforce all of the things I have mentioned in the last few sentences - self-reliance, being good stewards of the bounty before them and the sense of sharing with a neighbor whose cubbard may be bare. A big old catfish will feed a man for a day, but my girls will be fed, literally and spiritually, for a lifetime because the know how to bait a hook and where to cast the bait. While fishing, I will show my little girls how to have a long talk with God, without ever saying a word aloud, a silent, prayerful conversation with the Almighty. My two little beauties are gonna make fine Texans. I know this to be true. The Good Lord Hisownself told me so. While writing these words, I took a fishing trip in my mind and laid my heart bare to Him. His words of comfort and Fatherly wisdom were few. "My son. It is time to go home and fear not, for I will be with you. Now go."

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