Friday, December 3, 2010

Plus One: A SoCal Christmas Light Festival!

Thus far in our trip around the country searching for some of the most brilliant Christmas light displays in the land. My Christmas Google Fu was strong when I found this video of a house in Southern California. Watch the video as you listen to the synchronized musical accompaniment. It's truly astounding.

The Williams family started working on this year's light show way back in January.The entire show has been reworked for Christmas, 2010. That means that they have redone nearly 100,000 lights! Rick and Laura Williams have a web page with much information like stats, the history of their display and a lot more.

Like many of their fellow Light Gurus, Rick and Laura have a low powered FM Radio Station to broadcast the music while you watch the light magic from the confines of your automobile. at the link to the radio station above, you'll also find a schedule of when the light show will be amazing the citizens of the Los Angeles area.
We have many readers in California who may live close enough to the Williamses to pay a visit to see their labor of love. If you do, please tell them that you read about their Christmas light display on our blog.

Another job well-done to a family has the Christmas Spirit living in them year round. Merry Christmas, Williams Family from Three States Plus One!

Maine Minutiae: LL Bean Northern Lights Celebration

With a little more than three weeks until Christmas, the Yuletide celebrations across Maine are definitely shifting into high gear. I just came across this info a few minutes ago, so I wanted to get it out to you ASAP.

Freeport is cranking up today through Sunday with the Sparkle Weekend! The weekend kicks off with the renown Sparkle Parade of Lights at 6:00PM, to be followed by the Freeport Historical Society's 1880's Coastal Christmas at 7:00PM. These two events are just the beginning of the fun at Sparkle Weekend. I almost forgot one of the coolest things at the Weekend Sparkle. At 6:30PM, the unveiling the famous Talking Christmas tree!!!

LL Bean continues with their incredible Northern Lights Celebration this weekend in Freeport. To get to the info, click here, then locate the LL Bean announcement near the top of the page and click on the link there that say "Schedule" and that will take you to a PDF that has all the lowdown on the LL Bean Northern Lights Celebration.

A quick check of the events slated for Saturday at Sparkle Weekend reveals visits with Santa will be held fom 9AM - 3PM, The Sparkle Weekend Craft fair from 8AM- 4PM and so much more.

On Sunday morning, one of the best things ever is scheduled for 8-10:30 AM. It's your chance to have breakfast with Santa!

The entire weekend schedule of events can be found by clicking this link  and click the middle area of that page where you see the three Christmas tree lights. I know that's a lot of work, but it's well worth you time to see some of the fantastic events taking place this weekend in Freeport. PDF ALERT!

That's a full weekend of awesomeness for you to make plans to attend. If you have other plans, you might still be able to put something like Breakfast With Santa (hint hint) on Sunday morning on your list of things to do.

Texas Tidbits: Take an Amazing Trip to Santa Land!

Tunnel Vision
A few miles north of Tyler, on Highway 69 just on the other side if I-20, is the fine little town of Lindale. And in Lindale is one of the best Christmas light displays in the state of Texas. Santa Land . Santa Land is twenty-four acres of nothing but the Spirit of Christmas, where you'll be witness to the magical display of more than two and a half million lights of nothing but the joy and spectacle of an East Texas Family Christmas.

Upon entry to Santa Land, you'll be amazed to see a 20 feet tall and 25 feet wide Christmas wreath with over 16,000 lights welcoming you to a Christmas celebration like you've never seen before. A short time after you enter Santa Land, the kids will be amazed by Elf Land! In Elf Land be prepared to see displays that will have your kids pointing and squealing with delight at the houses, playgrounds, fire station, even a lighted 50 water faucet with real running water and plenty more surprises!

And guess what? You can drive through Santa Land in your car or take a ride in Santa's Wagon to see all the Christmas Spirit of Santa Land!

 Another cool thing about Santa Land is the exit. when leaving the park, you ride through A 250 foot tunnel of dancing lights! But you aren't quite done yet! As you leave the tunnel of lights, you be bid a Merry Christmas by a group of twelve foot tall toy soldiers saluting you and your family!

There is so much more to Santa Land and they have a great web site and links galore that take you on a virtual tour of that good ol' East Texas Christmas Spirit that you'll find at Santa Land!

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