Sunday, April 10, 2011

'Tis the Sabbath - Three Materpieces for a Sunday

Icky Twerp
It's another glorious New England Sunday with nary a snow flake in sight. Just beautiful, warm, revitalizing sunshine. Sigh I may, just may mind you, fire up the grill later today for our first cookout of the Spring. The rib eye steaks are calling to me with their siren song of medium rare. Sigh The vegetables in my my El Cheap-o Walmart Teensy Weensy Greenhouse are shoosting to the sky (hat tip Green Acres) and I've got my three girls by my side. Life is good. Sigh

With such splendor around me, how can I be expected to actually work today? Right1 I ain't gonna work today! I will not, however, leave you at the proverbial blogging altar. I am carefully perusing the Three States Plus One archives of literary masterpieces to re-acquaint you with the Shakespearian prose for which this blog is known, to find the posts that have made me an Internet Pariah Sensation. That's just how I roll. You can thank me later.

I will tell you that you might want to wait until after Church to read this stuff, it's not a good thing to go into the Lord's House with a mind cluttered with impure thoughts. the rest of you may read on. :)
  • Icky, Harold and Mrs. Baird - My memories of TV stuff from when I was a little boy in Fort Worth, Texas.
  • A Haunted Lighthouse - Miane is home to over sixty lighthouses and this one is said to be haunted by the spirits of the long-dead people who once lived there. It's from last Halloween.
  • Denver Suburb Goes to the Coyotes? - Wile E. Coyote and his coyote cohorts make them selves at home in suburban Denver.
There's your Sunday lineup of literary nirvana for today, friends. Just remember, you'll not find writing of this quality anywhere ealse on the World Wide Web. That is unless you can access the local elementary school poetry contest on the school's website. Hey! What do you want from me? I do this for FREE! :) Have a goodern. Adios.

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