Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday: For God So Loved the World....

John 3:16
Today is Good Friday, a day of remembrance. Christians the world over are humbling themselves before God, commemorating the crucifixion of His only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, at Calvary, that we may all live forever in Heaven with the Father and Son. Holy, Holy, Holy...

For our Brothers and Sisters of the Jewish Faith, today is Yom Vav, 18th, Nisan, 5771, Pesach, 3rd (Tiferes ShebeChesed) Omer Day. Shalom.

I observe this Holy Weekend as a Roman Catholic, therefore I wanted to share the way that we observe this Glorious day with all my Christian Family and our Hebrew Cousins. Wikipedia has a very good summary of the Catholic Celebration of the Holy Weekend.

May the Almighty bless and guide you for all the days of your life. This is my wish for you.

Glory to God in the Highest!


***I am taking Holy Weekend off from blogging, so please feel free to access the blog archives to catch up on some of the posts you may have missed. Thank you and God Bless.***

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