Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's the Sabbath Edition (Or Toby is a Lazy MoFo)

  • It's Sunday! That means it's the Sabbath and "thou shalt keep the Sabbath holy" That's means go to Church and pray the Priest, Preacher, whatever guy, keeps the sermon short so you can make it home to watch the NFL. Amen. Today is the first full weekend of the NFL's 2010 season!  In Texas, that's means the Dallas Cowboys. The Pokes open on the road in Washington, D.C.and will commence to stomp a mud hole in the Redskins. Here in New England, Tom Terrific (I think I threw up in my mouth a little for saying that) and the Boys of Boston play host and will beat the bejeezus out of the Cincinnati Bengals featuring that whirling dervish, Chad Ocho Cinco (which means eight five, not eighty-five, 85 would be ochenta y cinco). As for the third member of our Three States Plus One Triumvirate, Colorado, the Denver Broncos travel southeast to Jacksonville to tackle the Jaguars. On the subject of jaguars, the word is pronounced "jag wahrs, NOT "jag wires". It's chaps my ass when some goofball calls them the "jag wires". For God's sake, get some Hooked on Phonics or some shit and learn to talk! For the remainder of the NFL schedule click here. Have fun, be safe and don't drink and drive (you might hit a bump and spill some).
Here are some of the most popular posts from the last few weeks. After all, you can't get too much of a good thing. Right Right? 
     Thanks to all of you again as this tiny blog continues to grow like a weed. According to blog-ranking service Alexa, here's the latest :
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    A few weeks ago we were at #17,9xx,xxx. As of yesterday, Three States Plus One was ranked 2,590,028 in the world! And in the USA  we ranked 123,870 ! Sure, I'd love those numbers to be much better, but considering what has happened here in less than three months, is nothing short of phenomenal. We are also approaching our 4000th page impression. For comparison's sake, it was only three weeks ago that we hit #2500, and that took two and a half months. God has blessed me with a great group of readers from, literally all over the world. This blog has been read in thirty-eight states in the US and twenty-one foreign countries, our latest being India (must be some AOL phone support people) and Denmark. If such a thing interests you as it does me, click on the "Flag Counter" display about half way down the page on the right. It will give you a few facts and figures about our readership. You guys keep me going and trying to get better at this blogging thing every day. For that, I thank you. God bless you all and Adios, y'all!


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