Friday, March 25, 2011

Texas Tidbits: W, Loving His Country and Its Warriors

You Damn Right I Do
It was September 27, 2010 when I posted this. I picked this particular post to rerun because I want us all to remember that we have men and women who serve this country with the singleminded determination to keep Her safe from the dumbfucks who would do Her or Her citizens harm. Men and women who love this country and who sacrifice a "normal" life with family and friends to fulfill an oath to "keep Her safe from all enemies, foreign and domestic. George W. Bush is one of these men.

It seems like forever ago that we had a man in the White House that respected and loved this country and the men and women who served in its Armed Forces. Agree or disagree with him, there was no doubt that George W. Bush did what he thought was right for the United States and he stuck to his guns. His wife, Laura was the epitome of class, grace and dignity while representing our nation as First Lady. You damn right I miss them. Why? Read on and you'll understand.

The last Sunday in September is designated as Gold Star Mothers Day, a day set aside for Mothers who've lost a son or daughter who died in service to his/her country in the US Armed Forces. This past Saturday, George W. and Laura Bush held a reception at their Dallas home for Gold Star and Blue Star Moms. Blue Star Mothers are Moms who have a child serving the country right now. About 80 women showed up at the Bush's house for this very special occasion. Cynthia Garcia, whose son, Corporal Adam Garcia, died in Iraq, was one of those women. At the link, in her own words, is Mrs.Garcias' touching account of her time with the former President and First Lady at their Dallas home.

This is a man who was vilified and demonized by the Leftist assholes and the media, but I repeat myself, as stupid, out of touch and a war criminal amongst other "niceties". Let me tell you what, if being stupid, out of touch and a war criminal means being a man like George W. Bush, count me in. And the Left can kiss my stupid, out of touch, war criminal ass.    

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