Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Colorado Chronicles : Honey, Can We Move Here?

I think I have died and gone to Heaven. Nope, I just pinched my self and I am definitely awake. I was questioning the state of my mental alertness because I discovered a place that is mighty close to being Heaven its own self and I ain't gonna rat the place out. Wait. That's what I do on this blog. Please disregard my previous statement. Meeker, Colorado. That's the place I was ready to keep all to myself. Can you blame me? Meeker is located in the fertile White River Valley in northwest Colorado, a little over 200 miles from Denver. Meeker's location is ideal for agriculture and that's exactly what the main industry of the area is - agriculture. I love to grow veggies, flowers and whatnot, so that's one point for Meeker. The town is situated near/on the White River. I read a piece on another site about the river in that area and people catch twenty inch trout there. Fish.Fear.Me.Especially.Twenty.Inch.Trout. That's two points for Meeker. It's also at the western end of the Flat Tops Trail Scenic Byway. Score another one for Meeker. That's three. Point number four for Meeker is its proximity to the 235,000 acre Flat Tops Wilderness Area. I could go on, but the four points above about the Town of Meeker have convinced me that you don't have to be in Paradise to experience a little Heaven.

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