Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Plus One : For My Buddy Kev : Wisconsin

I'll take "State Symbols" for $1000, Alex. Clue: Beer and Brats. Answer in the form of a question : What is Wisconsin? (wild applause) I have been lucky enough to have been to over 30 states in the USA. Easily in the Top 5 is Wisconsin, home of the 12-Time NFL/Super Bowl Champs, the Green bay Packers. America's Dairyland is a beautiful place with a ton of history (as we know it) going back as far as 12,000 years. The first Europeans in Wisconsin were probably French explorers around 1634. Did I mention that Wisconsin is home to the 12-time NFL/Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers? Earlier in the post I mentioned beer. Wisconsin has plenty of it. Just look at this list of breweries from all over the state. La Crosse is right on the Mississippi River and it is the proud home of the World's Largest Six Pack. That is NOT trick photography. I have seen it in person. Back when I was a light drinker (it got light and I started drinking), I was very pleased to find that in Wisconsin, EVERY little town seems to have more bars than people. Is this a great place or what? One of the cities I spent some time in was Prairie du Chien - which is French for "more bars than people". It's a cool town just across the Mighty Mississip from Iowa (the name of the town in Iowa escapes me) and the huge-ass pink elephant right on the side of the highway (drinking and driving past the huge-ass pink elephant is highly discouraged). Did I forget to tell you that Wisconsin is home to the 12-Time NFL/Super Bowl Champions?

Plan a trip to Wisconsin or find out about activities statewide here.

UPDATE : From Susan on Facebook: Toby nice bit on Wisconsin, except you forgot to mention that the AOPA is in Oshkosh and hosts an annual fly-in every July/August. It's really awesome, especally if you can "fly" in. Need a private pilot with a plane to do so. And another little tid bit, Johnsonville of the Johnsonville Brats have a super giant 18 wheeler grill truck. Saw it at Oshkosh. Also, Prairie du Chien actually translates to Meadow of the Dog. Sorry, French is a hobby of mine. "

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