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Texas Tidbits: The San Antonio Riverwalk (UPDATED with New Photos!) Scroll down

The Riverwalk
I have lived in some of the biggest cities in the United States - Houston, Dallas, Denver and Columbus, Ohio - and each of them has some thing or things that make it stand out in a crowd. Houston has the Astrodome and NASA, Dallas is home to the Cowboys, Denver is located just east of and has a great view of the Rockies and Columbus has The Ohio State University. While each of these cities are special in its own way, they come nowhere near my favorite big city in the US when it comes to history and cool stuff to do. My favorite big city? San Antonio, hands down.

I choose San Antonio for several reasons - the Alamo, the missions, its incredible history and the one thing that sets it apart from the others - The Riverwalk. Spending the day on one of the "cruise barges" sucking down some margaritas and soaking up the unique atmosphere and Mexican music of San Antonio is a damn fun thing to do. Eating at one of the riverside restaurants ain't too shabby either.

The Riverwalk has an interesting history, as well. According to, "In June 1929 a 27-year-old UT Architecture graduate named Robert H. Hugman outlined an alternate vision for the area, which combined romance and nostalgia with promotional good sense and anticipated the beautiful and evocative Riverwalk as we know it today. After almost 10 years of lobbying, speaking to civic groups, writing newspaper articles, and calling on community business leaders, Hugman's proposal was adopted and he was hired as the architect." the article goes on to say, "However, it wasn't until the 1960s that the design originally envisioned by Hugman reached its full potential. In preparation for San Antonio's HemisFair '68, another UT Architecture graduate, Cyrus Wagner, led the design effort, heading an American Institute of Architecture-sponsored team that created an updated vision for the Riverwalk, adding a lively concentration of shops, clubs, and cafes. Wagner's team garnered a national Progressive Architecture Design award for excellence in community architecture and established a national presence for the emerging Riverwalk." Click here to read the rest of the article.

I know many of my friends have been to San Antonio and took in The Riverwalk, but for those of you that haven't, click on the links throughout the post and you'll get a ton of information about what The Riverwalk has to offer you.
Thanks again, Rachel Rogers!

Revelers on the Riverwalk (photo from Rachel Rogers)


  1. Great wrote-up about the River Walk. Ann have been there a few times. I made my first visit to the Alamo when I was spending the summer as a patient at Wilford Hall, the USAF Hospital there. Thaat was when they were trying to figure out why my lungs had a habit at the most in-opportune times. :-)

    I sold some of my photographs at an Art Show on the River Walk about ten years ago. At the LaVieta, or something like that. I really cleaned up. I didn't ever go back though, because the people that ran the show were very rude. Made me park three blocks away. It was hard to believe that they could call themselves Texans. We have never been up the Hemisphere Tower, either. I didn't like that elevator that runs up the outside, and Ann is afraid of heights. :-)

    But, like you, we have great memories of the place, especially riding those boats around the canals, the great food, etc.


  2. Bob...I agree the Riverwalk is a cool place to hang out. And the food is outstanding. I haven't been to San Antonio in many years. I'd love to take my wife and kids there. maybe next summer. :)

  3. First edit. :-) Should read "lungs had a habit of collapsing....."



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