Saturday, July 17, 2010

Maine Minutiae : Maine History 1775-1820

As I was browsing the web looking for material for this post, I came across a site dealing with various periods of Maine's history. This caught my eye. It caught my eye because of the similarity of what was happening in the late 18th century and early 19th century with what our country is experiencing today. Namely, federal/British government intrusion into states' and individuals' rights. It's a rather lengthy read, so grab a cup of coffee, settle in and read the entire article and you'll see what I mean. Here is an excerpt :"After the long struggle with France and its Indian allies ended in 1763, British national debt stood at an all-time high, and its empire now included Canada, parts of the Caribbean, Florida, and a vast territory west of the Appalachians. Faced with these burdens, Britain launched a broad program of imperial reorganization, expecting the American colonies to contribute to the cost of maintaining their own defense." Another one : "The question of separation first arose during the Revolution. When Massachusetts appeared unable or unwilling to protect the eastern frontier from British occupation, towns petitioned for aid, pointing out that all governments existed to secure life, liberty, and property, and if Massachusetts failed to achieve this, eastern Maine was within its rights to secede." Regarding the second excerpt, think illegal immigration, Texas and Arizona. At least TX and AZ have the balls to do something,while Washington, D.C. has its collective thumb up its ass playing popsicle. That's my opinion. Share yours in the comment section 'cause we'd love to hear it.

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