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Festive Town Names Across America!

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You have read several posts on this blog featuring towns with odd names. We have been to DingDong, Texas, Boring, Oregon and Gas, Kansas. Don't forget  Greasy, Oklahoma, Lickskillet, Ohio and Oniontown, Pennsylvania, they  have also been destinations in our never-ending search for the oddest town names in the country. Today we will follow that basic theme, except instead of  odd town names, we are on the lookout for Christmas-y town names. As a matter of fact, I just happen to have a list of them right here! This list proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that America is a Christmas-y Kind of Place.

                                                                         The List
  • Arizona, Florida, Kentucky, Michigan and Mississippi are home to Christmas, while you can find Christmas City in Utah, Christmas Cove, Maine, Christmas Valley, Oregon and Christmasville, Tennessee.
  • Santa Claus has a home in Arizona, Georgia and Indiana.
  • If you are looking for Rudolph, you might visit South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas or Wisconsin.
  • A few other of Santa's reindeer have towns named after them too. Comet is well-represented in several states - Arkansas, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia.
  • Cupid is in Nebraska.
  • Dasher is a Georgia Peach.
  • You'll have to travel to Louisiana to find Vixen.
  • California, Florida and Louisiana brag about Donner being in their state.
  • Oregon may have Boring, but it also lists Blitzen on its maps.
If you're interested in finding more American towns and cities with festive names, you can find a Santa's Toy Bag full of them right here .

Feliz Navidad, y'all.

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