Friday, October 29, 2010

Texas Tidbits: Haunted Texas - The Alamo

Sacred Ground
Yesterday when I wrote about the alleged spirits at The Menger Hotel in San Antonio, which is adjacent to the Alamo, I was curious as to why there was no mention of ghosts at the most Sacred Ground in Texas, the Alamo itself. I employed the use of my legendary Google-Fu and came up with some very interesting stories about just such a thing - ghosts at the Alamo.

Rather than give you a synopsis of each ghost story related to the Alamo, I'll give you the link to them and let you read them at your leisure. There are several of them and they are fairly short, so reading a couple at a time shouldn't present too much of a problem. After the links, I will have a final word on my thoughts about what the stories have to say.
Confession: I am a Catholic, so I guess "confession" is a good choice of words. :) I believe in the paranormal. I think that we mere humans must bore God to pieces sometimes, so, in my mind, there has to be something else out there - some kind of "bridge" between life as we know it and the afterlife, Angels and demons and all that. I obviously have no proof of this "bridge" between the living and the dead, it's just something I believe. Having said that, it comes as no surprise to me that there would be ghosts, apparitions, spirits, pick a name, at the Alamo. I mean the Battle of the Alamo is a historic event of mammoth proportions - a symbols of man's yearning to be free and what he is willing to do to live free, even if it means certain death. Surely when Colonel William Barrett Travis saw 4000 Mexican soldiers awaiting the order to attack the Alamo, he had to think, "We may all die here today, but our sacrifice will inspire men everywhere to stand up for their freedom, no matter the odds." I think that God allows us to see these spirits at places like the Alamo to remind us, amongst other things, that freedom ain't free and sometimes we must make incredible sacrifices to keep it, like the sacrifice that Jesus made so man could eventually be at the right hand of The Almighty. Dieing for freedom is not a choice of life or death, so much as it is a choice to live, not only today, but forever. God bless the defenders of the Alamo and God bless Texas.

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