Monday, October 18, 2010

Blog Heads Up for Tuesday, 10/19 - Live Blogging the Birth of a Baby? UPDATED (scroll down)

I am not sure about new blog content for Tuesday. Ashley the Cousin By Marriage Who Could Have Been My Next Ex Wife But Chose a Young Handsome Guy Instead is going into to labor with her first baby. We could get a call at any minute saying that we need to head to the hospital to be part of this big event. We know that the baby is a boy and his name will be Cooper, we are just a bit iffy on the time of arrival. If it looks like a go for tomorrow, I'll probably have my laptop with me and if it's OK with the parents-to-be and the hospital staff, I'll do as much as I can to live blog the arrival of my new fishin' buddy. Obviously, I won't be in the delivery room, but I'll be in close contact with those in the know. In the meantime, I'll just play it by ear to see what is going on. Say some prayers, if you will, for Ashley, Shawn and Cooper as well as the first-time grandparents to be, Arthur and Mary Ellen. Hasta la baby, y'all.

UPDATE:  Baby Cooper is still hidin' out in his Mama's tummy. No word yet this morning on the progress (or lack thereof) of Ashley's labor pains and all that baby-havin' stuff. We (me, wife & kids) are on stand-by to make a mad dash to the horse pistol in Waterville, about 25 miles from here. When this all happens, I will try to post from the horse pistol as events unfold. If I can find my laptop battery. :)

UPDATE #2- Just got a phone call from Grandma-to-be. She told us that Ashley's water broke and she was administered something to induce labor. The Miracle Express with baby Cooper aboard will arrive late this afternoon or early this evening. Much fun and ooo's and ah's will ensue.

UPDATE #3 - Baby Cooper came in kickin' and screamin' a few minutes ago! (It's 6:25PM EDT now) 6lbs. 8oz, 20in. long. Congrats to the parents, Shawn and Ashley and to Grandma and Grandpa, Mary Ellen and Arthur!


  1. A Baby is a Miracle(unknown)

    This little tiny baby
    Was sent from God above
    To fill our hearts with happiness
    And touch our lives with love
    He must have known
    We'd give our all
    And always do our best
    To give our precious baby love
    And be grateful and so blessed


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