Saturday, August 7, 2010

Three States Plus One Poll Question

Are you ready for some football?

Yesterday, I had a request from a friend of mine, Kim, to do a one-time post about how BIG High School Football is in Texas. That set me to thinking, why not do a weekly feature on HS Football for all Three Plus One states? Or maybe just for Texas? Or Texas plus any/all states you would like to know about? For Texans who are living in away from home, like me, it might be a good way to keep up our alma maters (Nimitz High School - Irving, Texas - Class of  '75 - Go Vikings!). Personally, I think it's a great idea, but I write this blog for you, so it will depend on what you think as to what I do. In the right sidebar (next to this post in blue text), you'll see a poll question with several choices. Look 'em over and vote! The poll closes Monday morning at 10AM, EDT. Your participation is encouraged and appreciated. If you have any further suggestions or ideas, please leave them in the comments. Are you ready for some football? Or not?


  1. Those are Euless Trinity and Odessa Permian in the pic. Two of many good programs in Texas. Last year Deon Sanders was asked live during a high school football game what was the difference between Florida and Texas high school football. His comment was Florida had many more pure athletes, but Texas had far more successful programs. He was right, football is a team sport and what matters is how well they play as a team, not how many times an individual makes a great play.
    I have always loved high school football in Texas. It is about more than a game, it about the Trinity of life in Texas; Faith, Family and Community.
    In my East Texas home town, to this day, regardless of the outcome of the game, the players all gather in front of the home fans in the stands and they each sing the school alma mater. There may be tears in their eyes or barely contained joy, but the team and the fans show how much they are appreciated.
    In eighteen days my old high school team, the Marshall Mavericks of Marshall, Texas, will play our oldest and most despised rival, the Longview Lobos, for the official 100th time. They have been playing against each other since the 1880's, but the official records only began in 1910. As you can see in a post I made two years ago, this is the best rivalry in Texas and the only high school rivalry ranked in a national survey of the top fifteen nastiest sports rivalries.
    Here is a glimpse at the intensity the Mavs and Lobos play with in this rivalry. Both teams made deep runs in the playoffs last year, with each team returning a number of players.
    I couldn't find the poll you were talking about, but I don't see how you can go wrong.

  2. Frakkin' GREAT story. I'd like to use that during the season, if you have no objection. Or if you wanna guest-blog it, let me know. That's good stuff.

  3. Toby, you mean the story I wrote on Urban Grounds?
    You can use it, no probs.
    BTW, did you know that Texas is the NCAA's QB factory?
    It's true.



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