Saturday, August 14, 2010

Maine Minutiae : A Good Place to Live

Downtown Ellsworth
I fell in love with Ellsworth the first time I visited the place and  I go out of my way to drive through town when we take a trip to Eastport to see the in-laws. It's just a nice little town, easy on the eye. The history of European explorers in Ellsworth goes back to at least the 1500's when the French first set foot on the Maine coast however, many modern historians believe that Norse men probably landed in the area even before Columbus "discovered" the New World.  The first settlement in Ellsworth is thought to have been founded by French citizens in 1613, although the town wasn't incorporated by the Maine Legislature until 1869. More history of Ellsworth can be found at One of the things I like most is the way that this city looks so "old" (see pic above), yet has many businesses that are so "today". Burger King and fifty-eight other restaurants are located in Ellsworth, as are three hospitals, six dentists and so much more. It looks like all 6500 folks that live in Ellsworth are well-taken care of should they get a belly ache from eating too many Whoppers. Since the city is located on Penobscot Bay and the Union River drains the town, there is much fish slaying to do. Fish.Fear.Me. I say this in many posts, but this is a place I'd like to live. Maine is loaded with great places to live, so the abundance of quality locations to relocate to presents us with  a dilemma, and Ellsworth doesn't make the choice any easier. I guess, though, that's not a bad thing.

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