Monday, August 16, 2010

Maine Minutiae : Blueberries, Highland Games and More

Every time you eat a blueberry, whether in a muffin, waffle or the berry itself, more than likely it came from Maine. This delicacy is found in the wild or commercially grown all over the state. So it's that Mainers would hold festivals featuring this delicious little blue ball of a berry. As a matte of fact, this Thursday the 19th from 10am-3pm, Rangeley will be holding its annual Blueberry Festival. The 35th Annual Machias Blueberry Festival will take place this weekend with over 250 vendors, contests, raff;es and of course a blueberry pie-eating contest. the price is right, too - FREE. Down in Topsham on Saturday (Aug 21), they'll be holding The Highland Games celebrating Maine's Scottish Heritage. While love all things blueberry and the Highland Games sound very inviting, over in Belfast (last Friday's MM subject), something that is right up my alley is happening, The Belfast Harbor Fest and 2010 National Boatbuilding Contest. As the month of August hits the home stretch and the first day of school nears (YAY!!!) , there is still plenty to do in cities and towns all over Maine. Now if they could just build a Scottish boat out of blueberries....

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  1. Mmmmm....booberries!
    I made a mess of blueberry buttermilk pancakes Sunday morning. They were from Canada and weren't very tasty.

  2. LOL Next time look for the "Product of Maine" label.

  3. I will, Toby, if I can find them.
    I am in booberry Heaven here in the spring, when I get to go pick my own near Athens, Tx.


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