Monday, August 16, 2010

Colorado Chronicles : Beer

NBarley Pop
Beer. It's a nice word. And a damn good thirst quencher. When a guy like The Storyteller, Tom T. Hall, feels compelled to write an ode to beer, you know that the special blend of hops and barley that constitute this amber current of ambrosia is otherworldly. And the beer lovers of Colorado really know how to pay homage to bonafide beauty of a beverage. How? With festivals! 
Below, you'll find a list of links to various Beer Festival-type events being held throughout Colorado in the remaining days of August.
 There you go...a short list of Colorado Beer Fests going on through August. There are more such shindigs elsewhere in Colorado in August, so if you want more info on them, Fermentedly Challenged ( I love that name) has the scoop. If you plan on attending one or all of these events, be sure to have a designated driver or some kind of alternate transportation to and from the festival. When you return home, drop me a line and tell me how things went, if you can remember. :)

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