Friday, July 16, 2010

Maine Minutiae : Hurricanes

Inclement weather in Maine usually involves thunderstorms, high winds, heavy snow or ice storms. Oddly enough, tropical weather systems meander their way up the East Coast and occasionally affect us way up here in The Pine Tree State. According to, "Storms also occur out of season. On February 5, 1952, a strong storm originating in the tropics, hit Maine with strong winds, rain, and snow. It is still being debated as to whether this storm was in fact a hurricane/tropical storm". The New England Hurricane of 1938,  ranks as one of the costliest (3.6 billion 1990 dollars) storms in US history and the deadliest in Maine history with eleven fatalities and over 2000 serious injuries. On average, a hurricane will strike Maine every four years with September 1- September  15 being the likeliest times for a direct hit. Since I've been in Maine, we've yet to experience a storm of this nature, though last year (I think) a hurricane was headed this way and at the last minute veered off into the Canadian Maritimes. I have now been here for over 4 years, so if we get any "tropical excitement" this summer, I'll brave it out to keep you informed...maybe. :)

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