Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Texas Tidbits: An All Woman State Supreme Court...In 1925? What the @^*&$?

As you know, I am always scouring the internet for unique content to post on Three States Plus One. Well, today I found a story that I had never heard of concerning Texas History. So let's explore this amazing story.

In 1924, a lawsuit was filed against an organization in which the three judges on the Texas Supreme Court were members. Therefore, in the interest of Justice, the Chief Justice and the two Associate Justices of the Texas Supreme Court recused themselves from the case. So, then-Governor Pat Neff assembled a Special Supreme Court made up entirely of women! Remember that women had been allowed to vote only since 1920! This was unheard of!

"The Dallas Morning News reported on Friday, Jan. 2, 1925, "All records were shattered and at least three precedents established on Thursday, when Gov. Neff appointed a special Supreme Court composed entirely of women. It was a healthy New Year gift of recognition to the woman barrister of today. This is the first instance a woman has been appointed to sit on the supreme bench; it is the first time a higher court is to be composed entirely of women and it is the initial case where a majority of the judges will be women."

The whole story is something that could happen only in Texas. Read the whole thing at The Texas Almanac website. It's absolutely compelling.

You've come a long way, baby.

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