Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Quick Note to Readers in Texas Whose Homes Suffered Storm Damage

Once in a while I'll come across a business that stands out amongst its peers. Today, I am proud to recognize a guy and his business for going above and beyond the call of duty in helping fellow Texans facing a tough situation.

Let me state up front that I have been away from the internet and TV for most of the last two days, so I have missed out on a ton of stuff making the news. It is my understanding that parts of Texas have been blasted with severe weather over the past few days and quite a bit of property damages was done by high winds and hail. That infers that roof damage to homes in the area must be pretty widespread, leaving thousands of folks needing roof repair ASAP. If you fall into this category, I have found a company for you that does things the Old Fashioned Way - with deference to the needs of the customer and with quality that would make your Mother proud - Tice Roofing.

A guy I went to High School with and know to be a good man, Joe Henderson, is one of the main guys at Tice Roofing. I was looking over my Facebook page this morning and it's loaded with testimonials from satisfied customers with which Joe and Tice Roofing have dealt. Not only homeowners, but realtors and others have have had the pleasure of doing business with someone they know and trust. It couldn't hurt to at least give Tice a look-see and learned for yourself what they are all about. Their website can be found here.

I am NOT getting paid or compensated in ANY WAY by Tice Roofing and NOBODY asked me to write this post, I am simply going by the comments of people I know and trust. If they say Tice Roofing is the way to go, then that's good enough for me.

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