Sunday, February 20, 2011

Texas History - The Week in Review

We have had a very interesting week in traveling back and time to observe Texas History almost as if we were right along side some of the eyewitnesses to the events of the Texas Revolution. Your response to the posts of the past week has been amazing. I want to thank all of you from literally all over the world for taking time to visit the site and learning or re-learning, as the case may be, the History of that grand place we call Texas.

If you didn't get a chance to read one or all of the posts for the last week, I'll list them below for you and you can play catch up in order to be ready for more of the history of the Lone Star State.

Texas History: The Week in Review
That ought to keep you busy for a while. I uncovered some really cool stuff this week about some ordinary people who transformed themselves into heroes whose names and memories will live forever. They fought for Freedom and Liberty and had no real chance to win either. But they won the war and in the process created an independent nation that survived much like the men who died for it - with courage, bravery and the will to overcome great odds. Men truly forged of a hotter fire. Men known all over the world by a single common bond. Men known as Texans. God blessed Texas with these men and may He continue to bless her today.


  1. I noticed you had a troll visit the other day.

    To review the cause of the war for independence from Mexico, the Mexican government wanted Tejas populated by allowing colonists. However, the Mexican government didn't fulfill its obligations as a government by providing for the safety and security of the colonists. Had the Mexican government been competent(a theme that persists to this day) who knows if events would have unfolded the way they did.
    It's clear that Texas was too much for the Mexican government or its people to handle, it took the "hotter fire" folks to get the job done, which were too hot for the Mexicans to handle. If the Mexicans were too weak to deal with the dozens of Indian tribes in Texas, what made them think they could take on Texians and their friends and come out victorious?
    Near my home town in East Texas, there still exists a tiny community called Tennessee Colony. A lot of the folks that came West at that time were adventurous and very tough, many of them Scots-Irish. The Brits, the most powerful military force on the face of the Earth at that time couldn't defeat the Scots-Irish settlers. I refer you to the place Where Liberty Began. The Mexican government made a mistake by not addressing the grievances of the Texians, then compounded that mistake with a series of others, which resulted in the independence of Texas.
    If only we had retained it, but that is for another time.

  2. n2l...what a great comment! Thank you my, friend. From your comment, I got an idea for a post about Tennessee Colony. Your comment was brilliant as usual. :)

  3. Those "Over Mountain Boys" were some tough hombres.
    When that pip squeak Brit Captain threatened to kill and torch them, they said..."Oh Yeah? You and what Army." They gathered for a meeting, decided to go find this Brit and show him whuffo, said a prayer, grabbed their gear and set off on foot and horseback. They found where he was at King's Mountain, didn't flinch and immediately went on the attack. They then decided, since they had come all that way and already had their gear, to join the S. Carolina militia and helped whup those "lobster backs."


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