Friday, January 7, 2011

A Car Ad That'll Blow Your Doors! Guaranteed.

A Great Ad for a Great Car
The link I am going to post in a minute, is to something that has been around for a while, but I had forgotten about it until my friend Ted from Tyler emailed it to me this morning. It's a Honda (car, not motorcycle) commercial. But, it is no ordinary car commercial. this is a work of genius. it took 606 takes to get it just right and when you see it, you'll understand why. Also at the link, there is some background information on the logistics of the whole process of making the commercial from idea to the piece of cinematic art that you'll see. the whole things is done with car parts which makes it all the more amazing. Feel free to pass it along to everyone you know. It's that cool.

Here's the link: Honda Ad. Prepare to be amazed.

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