Friday, December 3, 2010

Plus One: A SoCal Christmas Light Festival!

Thus far in our trip around the country searching for some of the most brilliant Christmas light displays in the land. My Christmas Google Fu was strong when I found this video of a house in Southern California. Watch the video as you listen to the synchronized musical accompaniment. It's truly astounding.

The Williams family started working on this year's light show way back in January.The entire show has been reworked for Christmas, 2010. That means that they have redone nearly 100,000 lights! Rick and Laura Williams have a web page with much information like stats, the history of their display and a lot more.

Like many of their fellow Light Gurus, Rick and Laura have a low powered FM Radio Station to broadcast the music while you watch the light magic from the confines of your automobile. at the link to the radio station above, you'll also find a schedule of when the light show will be amazing the citizens of the Los Angeles area.
We have many readers in California who may live close enough to the Williamses to pay a visit to see their labor of love. If you do, please tell them that you read about their Christmas light display on our blog.

Another job well-done to a family has the Christmas Spirit living in them year round. Merry Christmas, Williams Family from Three States Plus One!

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