Saturday, December 4, 2010

Maine Minutiae: A Sea Gull's Eye View of the Pine Tree State

A SeaGull's Eye View
For Maine Minutiae today I figured I might as well do a post of a different kind. Every day I write about something that I think is interesting in hopes that you'll think the same. When I post something, I do my best to paint a picture in your head so that you can "see" what I am writing about. sometimes I succeed, other times not so much. That's one of the hazards of writing, a welcomed hazard, but a hazard nonetheless. So today I want give to you a real snapshot of where I live, but this time with real pictures from web cams located around the state. They give you an up to the minute visual tour of Maine, from the moutains of the west to the shoes of the Atlantic Ocean in the east. Grab a cup of coffee, settle into your computer chair and explore Maine through the "eyes" of these web cams. I hope you enjoy the ride.  :)

I selected a few web cams from a long list of them and I'll link to the list later in the post. My choices are:
  • Augusta - This is a view of the Kennebec River as it passes the east side of downtown, looking north. As the crow flies, this is about a mile from my house. Look closely and you'll see the asphalt walking/jogging path running parallel to the river.
  • Bar Harbor - One of the neatest towns in Maine. This "Harbor Cam" is looking out over the edge of town directly into the harbor. You can't miss the island in the background. There literally thousands of islands just like that one along the entirety of the coast of Maine.
  • Presque Isle - Presque Isle is waaaaaayyy up north on the Crown of Maine. If you burp loud enough, they'll hear you in Canada. This cam is trained on downtown PI.
  • Rockport - This a fantastic shot of Glen Cove in Rockport. 
Those web cams should whet your appetite and pique your interest enough to peruse this long list of web cams showing the faces of Maine at See what you've only read about. It's a nice virtual tour of the Pine Tree State.

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