Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Blizzard of 2010: The Aftermath

When I went outside a few minutes ago, I saw something very strange. There was this big, yellow ball in the sky. I came back in and fired up my laptop and put my Google Fu to good work. After doing some exhausted research, I learned what this strange orb was. According to Wikipedia, this object is called the Sun. It's been what seems like forever since we've seen in it, I needed documentary evidence to prove what this object was. I am relieved to know that what I suspected it to be was indeed true.

While outside, I snapped a couple of more photos that show the aftermath of the Blizzard of 2010. I was able to walk around the parking lot in our section of the complex and got some close ups of the reminders of what we experienced over the course of Sunday night and all day yesterday.

The first photo shows where some of the snow was plowed off the parking lot into the courtyard. the peak of this pile is about six feet tall.

The second picture looks like snow on the ground. It is indeed snow on the ground, but the snow has filled up a big hole which acts as a drain with about six feet of snow!

The big pile in the next photo is some of the snow removed from part of the parking lot in front of our apartment. This pile of snow is at least seven feet tall!

I haven't even looked out the back door yet, so I may have more photos to post later today. My best guess of how much snow we got is between two and a half to three feet! It's difficult to tell because it was so windy that the snow didn't exactly settle like it would on a less windy day. In case you missed the live blogging I did yesterday as the blizzard hit us with all its fury, you can look it over right here.

It was quite an experience, as one weather guy put it, to witness tropical storm strength winds with snow falling at 2 or 3 inches per hour. It's still December for a few more days and winter is just getting started here in New England, and I'm confident that we'll get another big blast before it's all said and done. Damn, I miss Texas.  :)

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