Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Texas Tidbits: Special Edition! Texas Tweeties by Bob Zeller

Miss April
Several weeks ago on Texas Tidbits, I did a post on The Concho City  of San Angelo. The reason I chose San Angelo as a topic for Texas Tidbits is simple. As you know, my Dad was a trucker for over 40 years and I was thinking of some of those "far away places" he used to drive to, and I remembered San Angelo as a city he delivered to many times. So, I did a post on San Angelo. Long story short: a guy named Bob Zeller emailed me and thanked me for doing that post on his town... San Angelo. If I recall correctly, he eluded to the fact that places like San Angelo were kind of forgotten locales. Since then Bob and I have exchanged emails and blog comments on an almost daily basis and let me tell you it has raised the level of the crowd I hang out with exponentially. Bob's a funky old dude with a gift for photography and an itch for birding. And he does a magnificent job of combining the two. You can see much of Bob's work on his web site Texas Tweeties.

Bob recently took his gift and his itch and put together a calendar for 2011 featuring some amazing  photos of some of our fine feathered friends that have made their way through San Angelo over the past several months. Mr. Zeller was nice enough to send me one of his calendars and it has some outstanding photos in it, one for each month. I showed it to my little girls, ages 3 and 8, and they loved it. We have a bird feeder behind our apartment and it's kind of a game we play when the various birds here in Maine pay us a visit every day. The 3 year old, Bailey, knows what a blue jay is and the sound they make so when she saw the blue jay on the calendar, it was a laugh riot. Anyway, like I said, Bob sent me a copy of his calendar and it's not one of those calendars made out of what feels like Charmin, this mamma jamma is made of some very sturdy paper. It would make a great gift for someone and it certainly would be a nice addition to your office or any room in your home. (mine's going on the wall in my home office or a my wife calls it, "your side of the bedroom".)

I'd love to see Bob sell a few thousand of these calendars, but if it was something that looked like crayon drawings on toilet paper, I would not waste my time, blog space and bandwidth writing about it.I highly recommend it without reservation. And NO I ain't makin' a penny off Bob by promoting his calendar. I'm writing about it because I have seen it, held it and I love it. End of story. Another reason I mention this calendar is that I now consider Bob Zeller my friend. He's a good man with an affinity for taking pictures like few people can. Did I mention that Bob recently turned 76 years young?

You can contact Bob through his blog or bobzeller1 AT aol DOT com. Help a funky old dude out. :)


  1. Wow, what can I say. You made some pretty large shoes for me to fit into. Thanks so much for all of those kind words, from this funky old dude.


  2. Bob...I just call 'em like I see 'em. BTW, my Dad was a funky old dude too. So, you are in good, if questionable, company. :)


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