Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Maine Minutiae : Dems Sing the Blues as Maine Turns Red

Gov.-elect LePage**
I know that you've already absorbed what happened in the elections held yesterday throughout the Nation. But you may not know what happened to some of the "out of the way places" like the state in which I now live - Maine. Those of us up here in the top right hand corner of the United States underwent some sweeping changes in our neck of the woods, too. For the first time since 1962, Republicans are the majority party in both houses of the state legislature and have a Republican Governor in the Blaine House (The Gov's official residence while in office) to work with. The outgoing Governor, Democrat John Baldacci, was term limited out and his Republican successor Paul LePage will be heading the state government for the next four years. Baldacci is a real nice man, but he was/is a wishy washy Liberal as a Governor, which why I am very excited to see what Governor-elect LePage brings to the table. LePage, one of eighteen children, has a powerful life story that has seen him go from a homeless 11 year old (yes, really) to the highest elected office in the State of Maine. Currently the next Guv is the Mayor of Waterville, a town of about 16,000 twenty miles or so north of my living room on I-95 and he is also the General Manager of Marden's (a cross between Big Lot and Dollar General). LePage's awe inspiring life story can be found here. If this man is as good for the state of Maine as he was to the citizens of Waterville as their Mayor, I look forward with great anticipation to the revival of the state economy and a more business-friendly atmosphere for entrepreneurs. This state is loaded with fine people with good ideas and with the LePage administration leading the way, our future looks so bright we gotta wear shades.
Mainely Red**

When I first started typing this article, I was gonna lean on the Democrats and Liberals pretty hard, but as I started telling you a snippet of the life of Paul LePage, I found it way more productive to tell you what we see in our future in Maine with LePage leading the way, than to blast the dumbasses who've had their hands on the throats of Mainers for almost a half century. The Dems/Libs will do something stupid soon enough then I'll unload on them. But until then, I'll just listen to them sing the blues because at long last, Maine has turned red.

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  1. Congratulations to the good people of Maine.
    I am proud of you, and for you.
    What you helped do yesterday is not only for your benefit, but for our entire nation.
    Besides all that happened and what most people are talking about, there is something of even greater significance.
    Twenty states, including yours, flipped their state legislature from DNC to GOP. Governors flipped from +8 DNC to +7 GOP. These two changes are HUGE.
    The census was this year. Reapportionment takes place in 2011, and congressional districts will be redrawn. It is possible, with this shift in power, that the DNC may not be able to win back the House of Representatives for ten years or more.

    It sounds like you have a genuinely good man for Gov, I hope he serves your state well.

  2. n2l...aside from the liberal dipshits in Portland and a few other places, Mainers seem to be genuinely thrilled that LePage was elected. Not only that, but many people here feel like we got our state back.


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