Sunday, November 21, 2010

How Time Flies and a Right Hand Turn

On the Way Out
I got a question for you. Has this year gone by as quick as a hiccup? I ask that because as I get older time seems to zip on by, except when I go shopping with my wife, then five minutes feels like a week and a half. I just looked down at my desktop clock and the date reads "11/21". How can that be? It just doesn't seem possible. Alas, the calendar does not lie.

And numbers don't lie either. Numbers like, you know, Election Results. :) I just feel like reminding the dumbasses that voted for O'Bumbles, that their guy is an unmitigated disaster as our Chief Executive. Unemployment over 9%? Check. Failure of the so called stimulus package? Check. Trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see? Check. Once again, I pose this question, how does that Conservative ass taste you pinheads? Oh... and have a nice day. :)

As you've noticed, I've been writing about my kids quite a bit lately. There's no particular reason, it's just that reasons to do so keep jumping out at me, so I write what I feel. I hope you don't mind. I deliberately put the election results as the first post today. I did it because, I feel like we have gained a little more control of our nation and I'm much more positive about what the future holds for my children. Granted, there is still much work to do, but I like the change of direction we took with the recent electoral enema Obama and his fellow travelers received. But, I ain't gettin' too excited, there's still plenty of shit to be flushed before we can even take a quick breath.

I believe in the people of this country and their desire for the freedoms and liberties we sometimes take for granted. I think that the results of the mid term elections prove that when we see our rights being trampled upon by idjits like the current resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, we, the people, sit up and take notice and then hit the sorry bastards (Liberals) with a clue by four, at which time, they sit up and take notice, then cry about how misunderstood they are. What a bunch of pansies.


  1. Toby, as a 76 year old dude, I can tell you, when you are over the hill and starting down, you pick up speed. :-)


  2. LMAO...thanks Funky Old Dude!


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