Sunday, October 10, 2010

Maine Minutiae: More Fall Fun!

Fun Times!**

I was looking at the weather radar for Maine a little while ago and for the first time this fall, I saw the Dreaded Light Blue Images on the radar map. The Dreaded Light Blue Images, DLBI for short, represent SNOW! It's already October 10, so we could conceivably get snow at any time now, though October snow in Augusta tends to be light and sporadic. I bring this up because, despite the cooler weather, there are still plenty of festivities going on here in New England. The one that caught my eye reminds me of my home state of Texas. It's a Chili Cook Off! The Great Western Maine Chili Cook Off  takes place this coming Saturday, October 16, at the Waterford Town Square. For more information you can call (207) 647-3472. Waterford is only seventy miles from Augusta, so a day trip is certainly a possibility and I do have some home grown jalapenos to take with me.
More autumn action in Maine includes:
There's plenty more going on in October throughout the state, so click here to find an event near you that fits into your schedule. Have fun and be safe, y'all!

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